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What Is The Role of An Usher?

Okay, so we all know that we have Ushers at weddings but what does an Usher do exactly? Here at FYW, we’ve got it covered and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as an Usher is on hand to help out with many things!

Firstly, an Usher is someone who assists wedding guests to where they need to be sat but more importantly, the role of the Usher is to make sure everyone is getting on on the run up to your big day. If there are people who don’t know each other within the wedding party, it’s the Ushers job to introduce them so that everyone feels comfortable sat next to each other on the big day. The Groom and the Best Men will be extremely grateful for whatever help is on hand to get everyone mingling and getting along with one another.

An Ushers duty prior to the big day

Although it’s the best mans job to arrange the stag do and secure bookings, it is your job to help make sure everyone has a good time. Introduce people to each other if they haven’t met before and help to create a fun environment so the wedding guests are looking forward to seeing everyone again on the big day.

An Ushers duty during the ceremony

An Usher is someone who politely welcomes guests, directs them to their seats (paying particular attention to the mother and father of the bride and groom) and offers assistance where ever necessary for example, if there’s an elderly guest struggling out of the car in the rain, it’s the Ushers job to be on hand with an umbrella and help the guest inside safely or if there’s a mother with a baby, it’s the Ushers job to seat her in the aisle in case she needs to make a quick escape to soothe a screaming baby or change a nappy. It’s his job to know where guests can and can’t park their cars, the location of the bar, the toilets and any other information that guests may find useful. Some venues won’t allow flash photography or the throwing of confetti and guests need to be made aware of this information. It’s the Ushers job to make sure that the guests know this. On the morning of the wedding, an usher should arrive early before any wedding guests. It’s their job to hand out buttonholes, corsages, seating plans, order of service sheets and discuss any issues that may arise with the guests.

As well as meeting, greeting and providing information to guests, an Usher remains at the back of the hall during the ceremony to welcome latecomers and limit disruptions. It’s the Ushers job to make sure all members of the wedding party are okay such as the flowers girls, page boys and bridesmaids. Once the Bride and Groom have said ‘I Do,’ the Ushers are expected to inform guests where they need to go next, this may be telling them where to gather for photos or giving them directions to the reception venue. The wedding photographer may even rely on the Usher to help arrange the guests for group photos. Traditionally, once the Bride and Groom have left, the Ushers escort the bridesmaids to the wedding reception.

An Ushers duty during the reception

The Ushers need to arrive at the reception venue as soon as possible to direct guests to the correct area or room. They need to advise guests where to leave gifts and cards and where the guestbook is. If the reception venue is different from the ceremony, the’ll need to tell guests where they can find the bar, toilets or cloakroom. An Usher needs to be on hand to call taxi’s for guests who are too drunk to drive home and to handle any intoxicated guests who could cause upset. Ushers are often asked to make a speech and during the first dance, the Ushers may be paired up with bridesmaids and asked to join the newlyweds on the dance floor.

When choosing your Ushers, it’s important to choose someone who is reliable, someone you can count on and someone who won’t let you down. A role of an Usher is demanding, daunting and downright stressful at times so make sure you thank them with a gift to show how much you appreciate them playing such an important part in your big day and helping everything to run smoothly.

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