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6 Wedding Firework Mistakes to Avoid

Fireworks are a wonderful way to add a bit of extra magic and glamour to your wedding. They can wow your guests and the right photographer will be able to take stunning pictures as the fireworks brighten up the sky however there are a few wedding firework mistakes you must avoid to ensure your big day doesn’t end up being a damp squib of a display. Your wedding day requires a lot of careful planning so if you are considering fireworks, you have to stick to your planning game and remember to take care of the little details.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid?

1. Forgetting To Confirm It With The Venue

Remember to talk to your wedding venue about having wedding fireworks. It might sound like an obvious point, but we’ve heard from couples who thought they could just turn up with fireworks and assumed that would be okay, but the venue had no idea and had nothing in place!

Wedding venues can have different rules regarding what type of fireworks you can have, when you’re allowed to fire them, and who can be in charge of the display. Clear these up before you shop for fireworks or book a professional display group.

2. Opting For DIY Without The Expertise

It’s possible to have your wedding fireworks organised by a professional fireworks display group, or you can do it yourself. Couples sometimes opt for the DIY route thinking it’s going to save them a lot of money, but even a professional display doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You may need some experience in creating displays or using fireworks in order for it to look good. A fireworks specialist will take the stress of getting it right off your shoulders – and there are options for every budget! Another benefit is that professional firers will be able to bring and use professional fireworks, whereas you’ll only be able to purchase consumer fireworks yourself.

If you are intent on doing your own display, then you should still talk to a fireworks company as they can provide you with a firing layout and a remote ignition kit so you get to fire a professional style display yourself.

3. Focusing On Quantity Over Quality

Another common mistake is that couples focus only on the quantity, not quality. Having a lot of cheaper fireworks might actually result in a less impressive display. Always check what your chosen fireworks will actually look like – all the best firework retailers will have videos of their fireworks, and if not that’s what YouTube and Vimeo are there for! – and only shop from professional retailers to guarantee quality!

4. Making The Wedding Firework Display Too Long

Related to the above point is the issue of creating a display that goes on and on. Even a five-minute fireworks display can look good with quality fireworks and a careful design of the order and effects. Your guests will appreciate a shorter display more than something that doesn’t seem to end.

If you want a big display, then great, but you don’t need to do a London Southbank New Year’s Eve style show for it to be spectacular!

5. Not Having a Plan B

Although we all love to plan for our dream wedding, in reality we know that weddings can require quite a few Plan B’s. Your wedding fireworks display definitely needs one, as you can’t set off fireworks if the weather is appalling. It’s a good idea to ensure your guests have options regarding viewing the display, as little drizzle doesn’t mean you have to cancel the show. Have a see-through tent or hand out umbrellas. Of course, a big storm might mean you can’t set off the fireworks at all and then you want to have an alternative entertainment option to cover this change of events.

6. Forgetting To Look Beyond Just a Firework Display

Fireworks can be rather versatile and having wedding fireworks doesn’t just mean creating a standalone display. You could use fireworks in other ways. You can have wedding guests wave sparklers instead of throwing rice as you walk out of the church. You could opt for indoor fireworks to add sparkle to your first dance or set off a few fireworks as you drive off at the end of the night. Consider the different options and be creative with your wedding fireworks!

Wedding fireworks are a fantastic way to spice up your big day. Just remember to take your time planning the show and avoid making the above mistakes and you’ll end up with a beautiful show and many fun memories!

  • A big thank you to the team at Wedding Fireworks for offering their top tips to make sure that your firework display runs smoothly. If you’d like to book with them, please get in touch here, they would be delighted to hear from you!

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