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12 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

#1 It’s hard 

So you’re partner has popped the question and at first you’re excited … Ecstatic even! But that soon turns into worry and anxiety over whether you’ll be able to pull it off. No doubt you will but it’s important to know that trying to finalize everything can be stressful.

#2 You’ll bicker

With the stresses that come with planning a wedding, you may find yourself having disagreements with your partner who may not think something is as important as you do. This tension is normal and should be resolved quickly and as best as possible. Perhaps they have a different opinion to you but that’s okay, it’s all about compromising. After all, the wedding is about the two of you.

#3 You’ll feel like your better half doesn’t care

Believe us, they care about the wedding otherwise they wouldn’t have popped the question but they may not care about the smaller, finer details that you do.

#4 Some people simply won’t care about your wedding

Although it’s a massive deal to you, not everyone will share the same passion because it’s not them having to go through it all.

#5 You won’t be able to stop talking about your wedding plans

Oh boy, do we feel sorry for your friends and family because no doubt, you’ll be telling them all the finite details of your wedding plans every day for the next year!

#6 There will be tears

Whether it’s at the hen party or at the wedding itself, there’s always someone who has a miniature breakdown whilst you’re trying to plan the final details.

#7 You will cry

And not the good happy tears! Whether it’s over your invites not looking the way you wanted them to or your guests not RSVPing, chances are you’ll have a miniature breakdown yourself too!

#8 Everyone has an opinion

Even people you don’t know will have an opinion on where they should sit, who they don’t want to sit next to or what should be on the menu. You have to remember that it’s your wedding day, not theirs and you can’t please everyone so let other peoples comments slide off your back and don’t take too much notice.

#9 Everything is expensive

When you start planning your wedding, you’ll be astonished to learn that wedding vendors are way more expensive than you first realized. What you have to remember is that these people specialize in weddings and you pay for the quality of service.

#10 You won’t have budgeted for something important

The number one rule of wedding planning is sitting down to write your budget considering how much you’d want to spend on each item. Chances are, you’ll have forgotten to budget for something major such as the drinks package or the entertainment. Honestly, it happens to the best of us!

#11 You’ll act like a total Bridezilla

Yes, we’ve all heard the term Bridezilla and no one wants to admit they are one but every bride has a Bridezilla moment and it’s totally understandable, after all, you’re responsible for planning the biggest event you’ll ever experience, that’s a lot to take on!

#12 You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when it’s over

Although it’ll all pass by in a blur, you’ll be glad when it’s over. There’ll be no one to chase for RSVP’s, you’ll no longer need to count heads or chase vendors and it’ll be a massive weight off your shoulders knowing it’s all done and dusted and all that’s left are happy memories.


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