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Why Do Brides Traditionally Throw Their Bouquets?

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ll probably know that awkward moment when all singletons assemble in preparation to catch the bouquet but where does that tradition actually come from? Well in the olde days, it was thought that touching the bride would bring good luck to all who came into contact with her. This typically resulted in guests standing around the bride with some even trying to steal small parts of her wedding day attire. This lack of privacy often caused the bride to feel uncomfortable and so the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowds to distract people whilst she made a quick getaway with her husband. 

The bouquet toss has now become a wide spread tradition which has resulted in the bride grabbing tradition dying out … Thank goodness! However, we are now seeing a huge decline in brides even throwing their wedding bouquets at all with many brides now preserving their wedding bouquets so that they last a lifetime. With so many bouquet options available now such as brooch bouquets, silk bouquets, button bouquets, paper bouquets and the preservation of bouquets, it’s no wonder brides want to hang onto them. 

If you love our traditions that are steeped with history but love your bouquet too much to toss it then why not consider throwing a smaller, much cheaper bouquet or you could call your bridesmaids onto the dancefloor and hand each one an individual bloom. Not only does this include everyone but also, it’s more classy than the traditional bouquet toss because once your bridesmaids have a few drinks and assemble, it can all too easily end in tears. 

Whatever you decide to do, we want to wish you good luck! 

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