Why Castle Weddings Are So Romantic

With Meghan Markle having recently tied the knot in Windsor Castle, we thought we’d explore why castle weddings are becoming increasingly more popular and why you should opt for a Castle Wedding. After all, if it’s fit for a princess, it’s fit for us, right?

#1 First and most obviously, it’s a magical place to tie the knot

Come on, admit it! Who here has ever dreamt of getting married in a castle. It’s what our childhood was made of with princesses falling in love and living happily ever after in a beautiful castle. Castle weddings are the perfect way to achieve that fairy tale wedding.

#2 It’s steeped in history

Castles are a place that once housed the Kings, queens, lords and ladies and as such, they offer the most finest cuisine to serve to your wedding guests. You and your guests will be treated like royalty! Isnt that what we all want on our wedding day?

#3 It has stunning grounds

A castle always comes complete with the most picturesque grounds imaginable and when it comes to your wedding day photos, this is exactly what you want.

#4 It’s Grandeur 

With incredible architecture, amazing scenery, hand painted murals and stunning interior, there will be plenty of opportunities for amazing wedding photos.

#5 It’s exclusively yours

Whilst exclusivity usually comes with a hefty price tag, who can put a price on love and romance? With castles usually being set within their own private grounds, you can guarantee an intimate celebration with those  nearest and dearest to you.

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