Funding Your Wedding, 03 April 2016

Top Up The Wedding Fund

It’s April, the sun is starting to shine, the days are longer and the mornings are brighter … So you’re all out earning cash right? No?!! What are you waiting for?

We’ve written about this in the past but we know that with the pressure of planning your wedding, remembering to, or even finding the time to earn a little wedding cash can be hard going. So here’s a little reminder.

You can either go simple or go big on this one. It really does depend on how ambitious you are about what you want to get from a boot sale. It’s time for a clear out (apparently, having a good clear out does wonders for stress levels!) so why not head up the attic, pour through the depths of your shed, garage and junk room and gather your unwanted belongings and take them to the local boot sale. A fresh and early Saturday morning in the sunshine, coupled with earning a few quid to put towards your wedding fund can be good fun and if you go as a couple, it’s a nice way to engage in a little team work together.

If you really fancy a challenge, why not ask friends and family to donate their unwanted belongings? It’s a great way to ramp up your stock and pack out your car boot offerings!

The fun of earning cash from your unwanted things can become addictive. We’ve earned in excess of £250 on a good morning and that’s for just a few hours work. That kind of cash could pay for the registrars fee and once you start converting your earnings into wedding items, it doesn’t take long to see the value in having a boot sale.

So what are you waiting for? The weather is getting warmer and a good healthy clear out is a great stress buster (just what you need when planning your big day!)

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