Funding Your Wedding, 10 March 2016

Spring Into Action

As the weather begins to take a turn for the better, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to make a little extra cash and while you’re at it, why not rope the rest of the family in? As the weather improves, the opportunities to earn that extra cash become a little more abundant and with people’s moods on the up thanks to a little sunshine, getting people to part with their cash is also a little easier.

It’s time to start packing the car and heading to the boot sales. Get your old winter clothes, books, toys and other bric a brac and enjoy an early bird money making morning. Why not make some home made lemonade and cakes and take them along to sell too!

If your hubby to be is a dab hand at cutting the lawns and hedges, why not post some adverts in the local shops, doctors surgeries and dentists? It can be a great little earner and would easily fit around a current job to earn an extra bit of cash.

Love animals? Consider dog walking! As the weather improves, you can get fit, get a lovely base tan to compliment your gorgeous wedding dress and earn some money too … You’d be barking mad not to consider an option with so many pros.

Put your mind to it, get a little creative and turn the season into some serious cash making potential and you could end up putting away quite a bit towards your special day.

For more ways to top up the wedding fund, check out our blog on becoming ‘money savvy’ by clicking here.

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