Make a Profit on Your Wedding Dress

So, you’ve finally tied the knot and your beautiful dream dress that you spent hours pondering over is now destined for a life of dust in the attic. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to wear it again, right? 

Our advice? … Sell it. 

Chances are, if you’ve bought your wedding dress brand new and at full price, you’re not going to make a profit but if you’re savvy when it comes to purchasing your gown then you could be making a tidy sum for the sake of getting married.  

Whoever thought getting married could make you money? 

There are so many bridal boutiques out there that have massive sales on throughout the year, many of them regularly attend wedding fairs offering up to 70% off designer dresses on the day. That is a HUGE saving! And then you have eBay, Etsy and various charity shops where you can bag yourself a bargain on thousands of incredible frocks! Don’t turn your nose up at the thought of finding your dress in a charity shop just yet … 

Okay, so you might not get champagne on arrival or one to one service but don’t think the standard of dresses are going to be any less. After all, at one point a budding bride, just like you, bought it from a bridal shop, wore it once, probably had it professionally cleaned and stored it away in a dress bag where it’s been preserved from dust and damage. There are many charity shops around nowadays that particularly focus on selling wedding gowns and the dresses are in mint condition and could save you thousands. 

Okay, so how do I make a profit? 

Well if you are savvy about where you purchase your dress from in the first place, you could join thousands of women across the country who sell their dresses for a larger sum than what they originally purchased them for in the first place. Usually on sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved and various Facebook Groups such as ‘Bride Tribe by Fund Your Wedding’ which has over 3,000 members. 

If you do choose to sell your wedding dress through sites like this, you’ll need to take into consideration that people are likely to want to try before they buy meaning you could have people wanting to try it on at your house.  

Top tips on selling your wedding dress 

  • Keep it in mint condition – Obviously if there’s a nasty stain in the middle, the likelihood is it won’t sell so be mindful on your wedding day to prevent any red wine spillages or make-up mishaps. 
  • List it as soon as you’ve tied the knot – Don’t wait for it to gather dust or go out of fashion before you decide to sell it. Get it listed straight away. 
  • Include the name of the designer – Designer dresses are sought after so when it comes to sell, make sure you include the name of the designer in your advert. 
  • See who else has worn a similar dress – I mean, chances are we can’t afford a Kate Middleton dress but if a well-known and admired celebrity has worn a dress similar to yours, include it in your advert. 
  • Find out how much others have sold for – Scour eBay for dresses like yours that have previouly sold. Find out how much they sold for so you can set a realistic price from the off. 
  • List your dress on specific wedding dress websites – This usually comes with a small fee but if you want a quick sale, consider selling it on sites such as ‘Sell My Wedding Dress’ who charge £15 for a 12 month listing. 

How can I make the best profit? 

  • Designer dresses sell for a lot more than high street dresses with some second-hand wedding dresses selling for £1,000!! 
  • Styles that follow in the footsteps of celebrities or princesses (I’m thinking Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle) sell for a lot more as they are so popular. 
  • A dress similar to Meghan Markle’s will probably make a nice profit next year so have that in mind when shopping for your wedding dress. 
  • The dress needs to be as good as new. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

If you’ve got an old wedding dress stashed in the attic, dig it out and get selling. You could be harbouring a couple of hundred pounds without even knowing it. Not only can you make a few quid selling your dress but you can give something that another bride will love and cherish too.

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