Funding Your Wedding, 03 January 2019

Funding Your Wedding 

With the average cost of weddings recently soaring to £20,000, it’s no surprise that brides are seeking ways to fund the weddings of their dreams. Here, we give you our expert tips on tying the knot without breaking the bank. 

#1 Set a Realistic Budget 

Like most things you’re saving for, you’ll want to set a realistic budget of exactly how much you’d like to spend. Break it down, for example; how much do you want to spend on your dress, shoes, venue etc? If you have a budget in place, you are more likely to stick to it and won’t risk overspending.  

#2 Ask Your Family 

Few couples are able to finance their weddings themselves and so asking your parents if they’d be happy to support you financially would be a good starting point. Even if they can’t cover the wedding, they may want to contribute to your dress or chosen wedding photographer which is a massive help when you think that dresses and photographers come in at around £2,000 each.  

#3 Save Your Pennies 

The more you can scrimp and save, the more you’ll have to spend on your wedding day. Think about switching your current energy supplier to a cheaper company, if you have two cars, think about car sharing or getting the bus into work. If you pay for a bus every day, think about getting a week pass and soon you’ll see your expenditure decreasing dramatically. 

#4 Open a Savings Account 

Well, you’ll want a place to stash all the money you’ve saved. Research tells us that the more you can see your savings increase, the more determined you are to save more which might see you cutting bak on that much needed coffee every morning! This is only a good thing though when it comes to being able to finance your wedding.

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