Funding Your Wedding, 08 July 2019

Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Reception

#1 Hire a Restaurant 

Okay, so you’ve been dreaming of that grand ballroom but bear in mind that some restaurants have gorgeous settings with great views and don’t even charge for room hire. It may mean compromising on your dream venue but think about the savings that you could put towards your honeymoon or future home?

#2 Opt for an informal meal

If you can’t go without your dream venue, opt for informal catering such as a pizza van or paella pan. You can cut costs in half by opting for an informal meal.

#3 Hire Entertainment for 1 hour

Opt for your wedding entertainment to attend for one or two hours tops instead of hiring them for the whole day. This is usually too long anyway so cut your costs by only hiring them for a few short hours.

#4 Re Use Your Flowers

Instead of having floral displays at both your ceremony and reception, ask your ushers to take the flowers from the ceremony once you’ve tied the knot and put them into the wedding reception prior to any guests arriving! This will certainly cut florist costs.

#5 Use candles

Instead of dozens of floral displays, opt for candles to be placed around the venue as large vintage style candles can be picked up without spending a fortune. It’ll also add a lovely glow to your venue which you simply wouldn’t get from flowers.

#6 Avoid Hiring A Marquee

It’s a common misconception that marquee weddings are cheaper but hiring one will set you back around £3,000! Choose a wedding reception with a large indoor area for guests to congregate if it rains instead.

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