Budget Friendly Wedding Venues

Believe it or not, if you look hard enough, you will be able to find wedding venues that are completely free to hire! Yes, that’s right. They won’t charge you a penny to hire out their wedding venue! What more could you ask for! All they usually ask is that you buy your food through them which is something you would have to do anyway.  Sounds like a win win situation to us! The list below consists of perfectly priced wedding venues, with some being completely free to hire!! So let’s start with those of you who live up North …

1. Leicester Warren Hall (Cheshire)

Barn Wedding Venues At Bargain Prices

2. Bashall Barn (Lancashire)

3. The Old Barn At Esholt (Bradford)

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If you’re based in the Midlands …

4. The Rose Villa Tavern (Birmingham)

If you’re based in the South East …

5. Bearwood Lakes (Berkshire)

Top Wedding Venues That Will Bag You A Bargain

Or if you’re based in the South West …

6. Racks Bar and Kitchen (Bristol)

And for those of you in Wales …

7. Oxwich Bay Hotel (Swansea)

We’ve not given you an extensive list but we have demonstrated that there are venues out there that will let you hire their wedding venue for no additional cost and with some wedding venues charging £3,000+ to hire out their venue, you’re already making a huge saving! So what’re you waiting for! Bag yourself a bargain today.

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