Funding Your Wedding, 10 January 2019

6 Ways You Can Fund Your Wedding 

Congratulations! You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time for you but after the initial excitement, panic may very well set in when you realise just how much weddings can actually cost. Well, we’re here to reassure you that you need not panic as there are many ways to fund your wedding. 

#1 Break it down  

However unbelievable this may seem, it is possible to purchase your wedding yourself without taking out dreaded finance or loans. Sit down with your partner and set out exactly how much you want to spend on your dress, venue, hair, make up etc. Calculate it all up and divide it by how many months / years are left between now and your big day. This figure will set a realistic amount of how much you need to set aside each month to fund your wedding as you go. If the monthly figure is way out of budget, consider setting your wedding date for an additional years time. It might not be ideal but it’ll be worth the wait when you tie the knot debt free! 

#2 Decide what’s important 

Your wedding budget will determine everything so make sure you sit down and determine what’s important to you. Perhaps wearing your dream dress is more important to you than the wedding entertainment or vice versa. Whatever your preferences, managing your budget and only splurging on what matters to you is a great way of cutting back without anyone really noticing. Remember, we live in a world where unconventional is the norm, so do away with wedding favours if you don’t see the point of them and hire that paella pot caterer in exchange for a sit down meal. It’s your wedding so if your going to make sacrifices, make them to your advantage to create the wedding of YOUR dreams. 

#3 Rope in Your Family 

Don’t feel bad asking your family for help, after all, they’re family! That’s what they’re there for and most would be honoured to play a part in your big day. Perhaps you have a keen baker or a musician in the family. Ask close family and friends before splashing out on vendors you may not need. 

#4 Do It Yourself 

With Youtube and Pinterest sharing amazing DIY tutorials, it’s no wonder many brides are turning to DIY to complete their big day! Not only that, adding personalized touches to your big day is a great way of sharing your individualitty and makes for amazing photos and personal keepsakes. Make sure you weigh up the cost of doing it yourself first though as many brides assume it’ll be cheaper only to find that with their lack of experience, they’ve used up far to many resources trying to get it right and it would have been cheaper to hire a professional after all. 

#5 Wait it out 

If there’s absolutely no way you can afford a wedding right now, take a step back and wait it out. Circumstances change and a career change or promotion could be just around the corner. So many brides rush down the alter and sacrifice their dream dress and venue to say I Do which can leave you feeling underwhelmed and disappointed that your wedding day wasn’t how you wanted. If getting married is something that you want to do sooner rather than later, you could always have a low key wedding at a registry office or elope with just a few close relatives with the intention of having a full on celebration in a few years time when you are financially more stable.

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