Food + Drink, 22 May 2016

Personalised Wedding M&Ms!

There are always two answers when someone asks ‘What’s a girls best friend?’ They are diamonds and chocolate. So why not merge the two with these stunning personalised chocolate m&ms. Yes, thats right, you can now have your names and even photographs printed to chocolate m&ms in the colour of your choice to suit your wedding theme.These make for gorgeous wedding gifts, wedding favours or even delicious and original table decorations. You can even have them made into place markers which will have your guests racing to their seats in no time.You can even send these as part of your wedding invitations. For a tasty and personalised wedding invitation, My M&M’s recommends the “eco-case”. With its square and flat shape, it slides easily into an envelope, accompanied by a short note that includes all the information your guests need: date, location, theme, etc. Attach the note to the decorated case or slide it inside, then customize your pack with ribbons, glitter or stickers.

So there you have it … My M&M’s offer a range of solutions to stun and impress your guests before and during your wedding! For original place-markers, invitations, favours or table decorations, why not add a delicious, gourmet twist!

Visit their website to book yours today and like us on Facebook for even more wedding inspiration!

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